Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awarding Certificates based on Quiz Score

This blog post will walk you through the necessary settings to present your learners with a certificate of completion based on a passing final quiz score in a flash course.

The yellow highlights on the images below indicate the settings you must change. Each setting is explained below.

Course Settings:
First take a look at your course settings. Open the course in Unison that you would like to add the certificate to. Click on the "Edit Course Settings" button at the top center of the screen.
Go to the "Data Tracking Properties" and take a look at the settings there.
Tracking: Make sure you have the appropriate SCORM settings selected (either 1.2 or 1.3, also known as SCORM 2004)
Course Completion Status: Select "Completed."
Use Page Complete: (optional) Check this box if you want your learners to visit and complete each page in addition to passing the quiz. You can leave it unchecked if you don't need them to complete each page.
Auto Navigation: Leave this box unchecked.

Quiz Settings
Next, go to the quiz page in the authoring tool to view the settings. Go to "Step 3: Basic Settings." Most of the settings here are optional

Quiz type: Test
Random Questions: Optional
Show Results: Optional
Report Score: This box must be checked to send the quiz results to your LMS
Include Review: Optional
Include Retake Button: Optional
Number Questions: Optional
Now go to "Step 4: LMS Settings."
Record Lesson Status: Select "Pass or fail based on score"
Passing Score: Enter in the passing percentage
Minimum Score: Enter in the minimum score percentage (Note: You can set this to 1.)
Maximum Score: Enter in the maximum score percentage (Note: This will usually be 100)

Certificate Settings
The last place you need to check the settings is the certificate page.

Step 2: Certificate Options
Certificate Type: Select the type of certificate you want
Prompt for Name: Check this box if you would like the certificate to prompt the learner to enter his/her name before displaying.

Step 3 (optional): Restriction Options
Restrict Certificate: Check this box. This will restrict the learner from accessing the certificate too early.
Restriction Type: Select "Based on LMS Completion"
Course Not complete Error Text: You may want to type in a message to this field that explains to the learner why they can't access the certificate before

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