Tuesday, May 10, 2011

13 Free Tools to Create eLearning Media Content

I recently did a webinar titled "13 Free Tools to Create eLearning Media Content". It was really well received and I wanted to share it on the blog. These tools greatly compliment our authoring tools. If you need to create images, audio, video or other type of media then you will want to check out these tools and the best part is they are free! Here is a link to watch the webinar:


Here are the tools and the websites I cover in the session. As a bonus, I actually threw in a 3 more tools to make it 16 free tools:

Video Production:
JayCut - Online Video Editor
VideoSpin By Pinnacle - Desktop Video Editor

Video Conversion:
Any Video Converter - Desktop Video Conversion
NCH Software - Desktop Video Conversion

Audio Production:
Audacity - Desktop Audio Editor
Aviary Myna - Online Audio Editor
Aviary Roc - Online Audio Creator

Image Editor:
GIMP - Desktop Image Editor
Aviary Phoenix - Online Image Editor

Image Capture:
Jing - Desktop Image Capture
Aviary - Online Desktop Image Capture

Vector Image Editor:
Inkscape - Desktop Vector Image Editor
Aviary - Online Vector Image Editor

Color Scheme:
Kuler - Desktop/Online Color Scheme Picker
Aviary - Toucano Color Scheme Picker

Course Analytics:
Enspark enfuse - Online Course Analytics (This was previously free but lowest plan is $19/month. Still a great deal!)

Hopefully that helps in your course content production. Do you know of any free tools that we didn't mention? Please share them in the comments below.