Monday, November 21, 2011

Active Project Accounts

There are different types of accounts and levels available for purchase at Rapid Intake.  One type of account is an "Active Project" account.  When you purchase this type of account, you indicate how many "active" or "open" projects you want to be able to work on at any given time.  You can then add an unlimited number of users to work on the active projects.  When you are finished working on a project, you will change the course status to "archived," then you can start a new project in its place. The archived project will still be accessible, but you won't be able to view it or edit it unless the status is changed back to "open" or "complete."  

This post will explain the steps to take in changing the status of any course.  

Changing Course Status
Note:  Only users that are registered as "administrators" will be able to change the course status.  

After logging in to Unison or mLearning Studio, you will see a list of all the open and complete projects assigned to you in the "My Projects" home screen.  

Click on the "Admin" tab at the top left of the screen if you want to to view or change the status of any course.  

Click on the "View/Update Projects" link under the "Projects" heading.  As an administrator, you can view all projects (even the projects that aren't assigned to you) and change the course status for any course from this screen.  

Click on the name of the course to change the course status.  

Click on the status you would like to set for the course.  You can select "open," "complete," or "archived."  Click on "archived" if you are finished with the course.  This will allow you to start a new active course in its place.  If you would like to work on the course, select "open" or "complete."  
Click on the "Save Changes" button when you are finished changing the status.  

Remember, the courses that are archived will only be visible under the admin tab by an administrator.  If at any time you want to go back in to an archived course and make changes to the pages, you can still go back into the admin tab and change the status of the course back to "open."  

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