Friday, August 26, 2011

Updates to PowerPoint Converter

We noticed that with our previous PowerPoint converter there was no way to completely disable the click when the presentation played in a Unison course. If a learner clicked anywhere on the slide during the presentation, the animations would all advance and the audio would skip or loop.

The PowerPoint converter has been updated to completely disable the click for the learner during the presentation in the course, which will keep the animations and audio from malfunctioning.

What settings should I use when I create new PowerPoint presentations?
Now that the click is disabled for learners during the presentation, you will need to make sure that all your animations and audio files are set to play automatically in your original PowerPoint.

Animation Settings: Set all animations to either "Play with Previous" or "Play After Previous."

Audio Settings: Set all audio files to play "Automatically."

What about the PowerPoints I uploaded and converted previously?
If you have older presentations in Unison courses that were uploaded and converted prior to August 25, 2011, and you want take advantage of the new click disabled setting, you will need to delete the old presentations from your media manager and re-upload the original PowerPoint presentation to Unison. Re-uploading it with the new converter will ensure that the click is disabled during the presentation. If you need a reminder on how to upload a PowerPoint Presentation, please read this blog post.

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